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About us

Welcome to Hotaru Holdings, a dynamic and innovative F&B-focused holding company on a mission to redefine the culinary landscape. Founded in 2019 by the visionary collaboration of Chef Reif Othman and Ahsan Kahlon, Hotaru Holdings is dedicated to bringing unconventional Asian flavors to life through premium casual concepts.

At the heart of our organization lies a passion for culinary excellence and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Hotaru Holdings proudly encompasses a portfolio of exceptional brands that reflect our unwavering dedication to culinary innovation. Our lineup includes REIF Japanese Kushiyaki, TERO, and Hoe Lee Kow – each embodies our distinctive flavor, quality, and experience approach.

Reif Othman Ahsan Khalhon
Reif Othman Ahsan Khalhon

Our brands

REIF japanese Kushiyaki logo

REIF Japanese Kushiyaki, the brainchild of visionary chef Reif Othman, redefines Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. Known for its delectable kushiyaki, ramen, and sandos, the restaurant features sleek designs, attentive service, and a buzzing energy that mirrors Chef Reif himself. What began as a neighborhood gem, has since expanded its footprint, now with outlets across Dubai and Egypt, and ambitious plans for further growth. With its world-class, street-style Japanese cuisine, REIF is an epicurean adventure that continues to captivate palates across the Middle East.


TERO is an extraordinary dining venture that redefines culinary artistry, curated by the visionary Chef Reif Othman. This intimate and immersive experience invites guests to embark on an epicurean journey like no other. Each month, Chef Reif crafts a bespoke eight or 12-course tasting menu, weaving innovation into his signature dishes under a unique culinary theme. Beyond exceptional food, TERO offers the privilege of face time with Chef Reif himself, providing an exclusive and personal connection to his culinary genius. The entire space is a canvas painted by Chef Reif, offering a glimpse into his creative world, while the ingredients, sourced from the finest origins, bear his unconventional touch.

Hoe Lee Kow Logo

At Hoe Lee Kow, we marry the time-honored traditions of succulent BBQ classics with the boundless creativity of Chef Reif.

This upscale Korean-inspired eatery redefines Korean BBQ, infusing it with Chef Reif's signature unconventional flair. Drawing from his globe-trotting experiences, he crafts dishes using premium ingredients, offering a non-traditional yet tantalizingly delightful interpretation of Korean cuisine. With its inviting ambiance, it beckons friends, families, and food enthusiasts to savor delectable twists on Korean BBQ classics, where innovation meets tradition in every sumptuous bite. 


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